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Santa Monica Filtration RAIN4 Algae Scrubber


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Item #: 6Y2518

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Santa Monica Filtration RAIN4 Algae Scrubber

The RAIN4 is a pole-mounted Waterfall Algae Scrubber with waterproof submersible GEM5 lights and a Green Grabber screen, designed to reduce your glass cleaning and water changes while creating an environment for living micro-animals to grow inside the scrubber. Unlike the previous mountable RAIN2, the RAIN4 includes a pole mount, and sees improvements with double the surface area for algal attachment, two additional LEDs (6 total), and a dual power supply.

  • Can be placed anywhere in your sump, as low to the water as you like, saving space
  • No shelf or bracket required: Use the pole mount (included with the RAIN4) to place the RAIN4 on the bottom of your sump
  • Includes a 2 mm thick, 2 sided, 48 square inch Green Grabber® algae attachment screen, designed for enhanced algal growth
  • Will run on both 120V and 240V
  • Submersible GEM5 lights keep the 240 or 120 volts far (2 meters) away, with only a safe low voltage going into your sump area
  • Dual power supply with two 10 ft (300 cm) power cords with simple 2-prong a U.S. plugs, which can be easily modified
  • Dry-Out proof: Power outages will not affect it if you place it low enough in your sump
  • Can be used as a stand-alone filter or in conjunction with most other filters
  • Includes a 1 year warranty for replacement or repair
  • Requires a water pump that can pump at least 200 gph (760 lph) water flow 24 hours a day. 300 gph (1135 lph) might be better to fill up all areas of the screen
  • Includes a 1 ¾” (44.5mm) diameter drain hole, which can be used with a standard 1” ID drain bulkhead and a standard 1” (25mm) schedule 40 pvc pipe
  • Requires 4" (10cm) head room to remove lid if placing in sump or cabinet

  • Includes 6 LED, submersible GEM5 strip lights mounted inside the dome lid cover
  • Additional GEM5 lights are sold HERE and can be mounted to the dome using silicone glue
  • Each GEM5 light uses 5 real watts (volts X amps) for the power; it does not use "equivalent" watts like CFL lights do (As a result, each GEM5 light puts out the same algal-growth illumination that a "larger" 10 watt LED or 20 watt CFL bulb does)
  • Each GEM5 is pure deep red 660nm (nanometer), which is the primary growth spectrum for macroalgae (seaweed)
  • Lights are controlled by 2 power supplies so that you can start off with fewer lights when needed and control them easier with a controller if you have one. Two power supplies is also great for backup, in order to always have some of the lights operating (photosynthesis water filtering only works when illuminated).
  • Power supplies are fully isolated, low-voltage, and CE, UL, Canadian UL, and FCC approved
  • Patent-pending case is a solid, high-tech material which not only completely seals the LEDs when under water, but also removes heat from the LEDs when above the water
  • The lights require no cooling fans or heat sinks
  • Lights can be put on a timer to improve growth and filtering
  • Underwater Rated: IP65, IP66, IP66K, IP67, IP68, IP69K (high pressure steam proof)

  • Dimensions (without mount): 10" long x 5" wide x 13" high (25cm long x 12.5cm wide x 32cm high). Dimensions with pole mount will depend on your choice of pole mount segments.
  • Required Head Room: RAIN2 will need 4" (10cm) above the top of the light-cover dome lid in order to remove the lid. However you can lift the whole tray unit up off of a pole mount, with as little as 2" (5cm) head room
  • LEDs: 6 deep red (660nm), 5 watt submersible & waterproof LED GEM5 strip lights
  • Drain Pipe (optional): You can add one by using a standard 1" ID drain bulkhead which fits standard 1" (25mm) schedule 40 pvc pipe. The drain hole in the tray is 1 3/4" (44.5mm) diameter

1 - 5 Gallons 5 - 10 Gallons 10 - 40 Gallons 55 - 120 Gallons 180 - 300 Gallons 450+ Gallons
RAIN2 x2 x3 x5
DROP.2 x2
Saltwater only
HOG.5 x2
x2 x4
HOG1.3 x2 x4
HOG2 x2 x3 x5
Saltwater only
x2 x3 x4
Saltwater only
x2 x3 x5
Saltwater only
x2 x4
Saltwater only

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