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SpectraPure® MaxCap RO/DI System w/ Manual Flush - 90 GPD


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Item #: SP12291

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SpectraPure MaxCap RO/DI systems and replacement filters are among the best money can buy! Get the lowdown in this Reef Hacks review.
Now comes with Spectrapure`s new Spectra SelectPlus 99% rejection membrane. SpectraPure® 90gpd MAXCAP® RODI System w/ Manual Flush Valve incorporates a 90gpd high-silicate removal TFC membrane, 0.5 micron MicroTec™ Sediment and 0.5 micron Carbon Block Filters, plus the new 33% greater capacity MAXCAP® and SilicaBuster™ SuperDI™ DI Cartridges. Manual flush valve, ASO Valve and Float Valve are included, and two Dual-Probe Inline TDS Monitors measure water purity at 4 different points in the system. You can be always be assured of Zero-TDS product water. These systems maximize pure water production through application of the laboratory grade resins used in our specialty deionization cartridges, providing 99.95% Silica Removal and Extended DI Cartridge Life. Ultra-high purity DI water at a half the cost!

  • *90 gallon per day, 99% rejection thin-film composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • 2:1 waste ratio produces 50% less waste water
  • 33% larger High-Capacity SuperDI™MaxCap® DI Cartridge has 4 times more capacity than a typical mixed-bed DI cartridge
  • 33% larger High-Capacity SuperDI™Silica-Buster™ DI Cartridge maximizes silica & phosphate removal
  • Ultra-high efficiency 0.5 micron MicroTec™ Sediment Pre-Filter
  • 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter with 20,000 ppm-gallons chlorine removal capacity
  • Two Dual-Probe Inline TDS meters: One monitors RO Membrane performance and one monitors DI cartridge performance
  • Tri-color custom pressure gauge indicates when to change prefilters
  • Manual flush valve for longer membrane life
  • Automatic in-line shutoff valve saves water
  • In-line ball valve for manual system shut off
  • Float valve for unattended operation
  • Clear filter housings
  • Durable, no-rust mounting bracket
  • 6-foot feed tubing, 8-foot product and waste lines included
  • Housing wrench for easy filter removal
  • Garden hose adapter for tap water hookup
  • Dimensions: 20in x 7in x 16in
  • 3-year warranty
  • Ultra-high purity DI water at an economical price ... DI water production cost cut in half!

Manufacturer information

SpectraPure Aquarium Supplies
SpectraPure was established in 1985 and is located in Tempe, Arizona, home of Arizona State University. SpectraPure is dedicated to excellence in the design and manufacture of water filtration and purification systems for household, commercial, laboratory and light industrial applications. Their product lines includes a full range of systems and equipment, including drinking water systems, water softeners, filtration systems, reverse osmosis units, RO/DI and deionization systems and many other technological innovations and water purification accessories. SpectraPure provides innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to water purity problems and applications.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
July 16, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

One of the best RO/DI systems

Pros: Quality, price

Cons: none

Among the many options for RO/DI systems out there, this one stood out as highly rated and reasonably priced. Have been making 0 TDS water since I got it with no hiccups.

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Reviewed on
May 07, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Perfect for my needs at 90 gpd

Cons: None

Arrived faster then expected. Everything included. Thank you marine depot.

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Reviewed on
March 30, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

RO/DI Spectrapure

Pros: plug and play

Cons: none so far

Great buy. Plug and play. For a novice, this was a great device. Up and running in a matter of minutes, there was no hassle or confusion on my part, which is the case most of the time with a new piece of hardware.

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Reviewed on
December 06, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works great

Pros: Works as described.

Cons: nothing yet.

Use it for my 180 gallon fowlr tank. Works great. if your home pressure is under 50psi, pick up a booster pump.

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rob hansen

Reviewed on
December 10, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works as advertised

Have a 150 gallon tank and this system delivers the amount of water I need. It takes about 4 hours to fill up a 15 gallon resevoir about an hour and 20 minutes for a five gallon bucket. It beats lugging around jugs from the aquarium store, and for those of you that have or do use tap water you can't possibly go wrong with this system. Once you get a stock of water going the amount of time to fill isn't a problem and of course having the float to shut off the system would make things far easier. Overall very easy to set up and get it running. Never installed one before and had no trouble at all with installation. The water comes out at 0ppm compared to 150ppm from the tap, or 5ish for RO only. If you are worried about water quality with this system, stop debating and just buy it. If you use tap water you should have this item in your shopping cart already and shouldn't have read this last sentence.

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roberto quintanilla

Reviewed on
October 05, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Life saver

Works good. Have water when I need it . This product is good

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Reviewed on
August 25, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Perfect System

System was fairly easy to put together with the included instructions. The build quality is really excellent. I chose to connect mine with a faucet adapter (sold separately) and luckily the one I got fit perfectly. The included pressure gauge and TDS meters are invaluable to let you know how it is working. My input pressure ranges from 40-80+ psi and my input TDS is 125 ppm. The RO stage alone takes it to 0 or 1 ppm. Production rate is close to 80 gallons/day, as expected considering the supply temperature and pressure. The manual flush is really easy to use.

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tim kraus

Reviewed on
July 03, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

RO/DI Unit

This unit was easy to setup and provides 00ppm to my system

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peter bertorello

Reviewed on
June 24, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Spectapure MaxCap

Easy to install. Performs as advertised, maybe better. Excellent product. No more weekly trips to buy RO water.

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Reviewed on
June 14, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great RO/DI

I have had this unit for about two months now and it works great just after some adjustments and a couple of hours with customer service. The only con that I have seen so far is the tds meters and its connectors. You plug them in the unit and they are very loose and flimsy and are constantly giving an error reading because they don't connect well. But overall the product is well built and sturdy. I also purchased the booster pump and they work well hand in hand. Just make sure to have the proper flow restrictor if not you won't achieve the 60-65psi recommended.

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