T5 Aquarium Light

High output T5 aquarium light is a popular and versatile choice for illuminating your fish tank. This style of aquarium light can be used for both freshwater and saltwater applications. T5 HO aquarium light systems are economical and extremely popular for saltwater tanks.

Dual-lamp T5 aquarium light fixtures work great for fish-only systems or for supplemental lighting. Four-lamp T5 light fixtures are great for mixed reef systems with soft and stony corals. Six-lamp or eight-lamp T5 fluorescent light fixtures are capable of sustaining higher light demanding SPS corals in reef aquariums with the proper reflectors using a combination of proper spectrum T5 aquarium light bulbs. In fact, many successful reef aquariums rely solely on T5 light fixtures.

As light spectrums of fluorescent T5 light bulbs shift over time and intensities drop, the bulbs should be replaced every 9-12 months to maintain the right look and optimal growth.

Aquarium fluorescent lights are commonly abbreviated or written as acronyms. A few to familiarize yourself with include NO (normal output), HO (high output fluorescent), VHO fluorescent (very high output) and V-HO (variable high output). T5 and T12 refer to the diameter of the fluorescent tube in ⅛ inch increments. T5 lights are ⅝ inches across; T12 lights are 12/8 (or 1.5 inches) across.

If you would like to learn more about T5 aquarium lights, feel free to contact us or read some of the helpful aquarium articles we’ve written about them. How to Mix-and-Match Reef Aquarium Light Bulbs, Replacing your Reef Tank Bulbs, and Lighting: What To Know Before You Buy are great places to start!

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