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Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium Powder Calcium & Alkalinity Supplement - 1400g


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Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium is a highly concentrated calcium and alkalinity powder, that when mixed with reverse osmosis water, the resulting solution is suitable for manual dosage or dosing pumps.

A single mixed solution fully covers the calcium and carbonate hardness most reef aquariums consume. The mixed Carbo-Calcium solution does not contain undesirable additional compounds or excess carbon dioxide being produced, and will ensure strong growth of corals, coralline algae and other reef organisms. 

Suitable for all tank sizes, Carbo-Calcium keeps pH stable, with no excess CO2, nor risk of unwanted phosphates being introduced through coral breakage. In addition, dosing will not increase salinity over time, neither increased oxygen consumption through carbon compounds. 


  • Extremely high yield: 1400g Carbo-Calcium contains 430g calcium and more than 60,000°dkH
  • The pH value remains completely stable
  • No phosphates or surplus CO2 are added to the aquarium
  • The salinity remains constant (no sodium-chloride is created)
  • No danger caused by oxygen depletion
  • Suitable for all tank sizes
  • After mixing, the resulting solution is suitable for both manual dosage and for dosing pumps
  • Solution has a long shelf-life


  • 100g (3.5 oz.) of Carbo-Calcium Powder contains more than 30,000 mg of calcium and more than 4,000°dkH
  • 1400g mixes to 10 liters (2.6 gallons) liquid solution


  • Mix 6 level measuring spoons of Carbo-Calcium Powder to dissolve in 1 liter (0.26 gallons) reverse osmosis water to create the liquid solution
  • Start with a daily dose of 5 ml of the solution for every 100 liters (26 gallons) of aquarium system volume
  • Monitor the alkalinity level as you increase the daily dosage by 2.5 ml every week until you reach a constant alkalinity level of 7 to 9°dkH
  • Daily maximum dose: 25 ml per 100 liters (26 gallons) aquarium system volume 
  • A dosing calculator for the liquid Carbo-Calcium solution can be found HERE

Available Sizes: 700g (1.5 lbs) and 1400g (3 lbs) cans

Manufacturer information

Tropic Marin
Tropic Marin: A strong foundation in science and hobby: The successful methods and techniques of today`s marine aquarists are the result of a close collaboration between serious hobbyists, scientists and specialists at public aquariums. Tropic Marin came about in exactly the same way over 30 years ago! This close cooperation resulted in one of the first complete one-part synthetic marine salt mixtures that provided the optimum natural environment for the professional as well as the private aquarist.

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