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Two Little Fishies Magfeeder Magnetic Feeding Ring

Two Little Fishies Magfeeder Magnetic Feeding Ring


Item #: TL50724

In Stock

MagFeederTM and its accessories make feeding your fishes more effective and enjoyable too. MagFeeder comes with a floating feed ring that retains flakefoods, pellets, powdered invertebrate feeds, or any food you want to dose into your tank but don’t want to see go right over the overflow.

The magnetic coupling makes it possible to easily position the ring without getting your hands wet. The jointed connection assembly makes it simple to adjust the distance from the aquarium wall. Another feature that comes with MagFeeder is the Two Little Fishies button that pops into the mushroom head of the feeder. It retains any ring-shaped foods, such as the GrazerTM from New Era. The magnetic coupling lets you position or retrieve MagFeeder easily, and without getting your hands wet.

Suitable for tanks up to 3/4" thick.

Manufacturer information

Two Little Fishies
Two Little Fishies, Inc. was founded in 1991 to promote the reef aquarium hobby with its introductory video and books about reef aquariums. The company now publishes and distributes the most popular reef aquarium reference books and identification guides in English, German French and Italian, under the d.b.a. Ricordea Publishing.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
August 27, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

way too big for a nano tank

Pros: sound construction, looks nice

Cons: if you're getting it for a nano tank, IMO: its way too big

Would like to see this offered in a nano size, I ordered it, construction seems sound but it is just too big to put in my 25 gallon tank without being an eyesore. Ill hold onto it for a planned future tank, but for now its staying in the box

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Reviewed on
August 17, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good stuff

Does the job. I heard It will eventually rust. 4 stars for now, let's see

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Reviewed on
January 14, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Feeding Ring

Pros: Works great!

Cons: None

This feeding ring works perfect for feeding my clownfish. The food doesn't go flying all over the surface anymore. Like that it attaches by a magnet rather than a suction cup!

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Reviewed on
November 01, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Very Nice product

This really make feeding my fish much more enjoyable. I got two one for my Reef Tank and another for my Discus Tank.
For the reef tank, I dont have to turn off the return pump or wavemakers anymore. as the food stays in the ring and falls down. Also the fish know where will the food be.
for the discus tank, It stopped the food from spreading all over the tank. Highly recommend it.

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Reviewed on
September 14, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

keep food where you want

Pros: Floats, fairly large diameter

Cons: Somewhat large can create a shadow in the display

Does a fine job of keeping food from going astray. Floats so fluctuating water levels wont affect this item as much as non floating versions. Magnet very strong (works on my 210 gallon tank even through the bracer).

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rick chavez

Reviewed on
April 06, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.


I wish it was a little larger in diameter, but for the most part, pretty nice feeder ring.

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richard hubbard

Reviewed on
February 17, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good stuff

This works. I have a 210 gallon, and the glass if VERY thick. Magnets hold very well! Fish know where the food will be :)

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Reviewed on
September 15, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good product, does the job

The TLF Magfeeder is bulkier and the plastic links are flimsier than I'd expected that they'd be, but overall it does what it is advertised, which is keep food within the ring until saturated and they begin to fall into the water column. Placed into the top corner of my tank, it doesn't stick out too much (and any tank with a rim will blend in better than mine). My tank is large (48x24x16), though, so in smaller tanks I think it will a bit too large and borders more on an eyesore. As inexpensive as it is, though, I would still consider purchasing it to see if it's too large or not, the convenience may be worth it.

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james duarte

Reviewed on
July 11, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.


nice, keeps Tubifexes in place.

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