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Two Little Fishies Phytoplan Advanced Plankton Diet 30g

Two Little Fishies Phytoplan Advanced Plankton Diet 30g


Item #: TL3131

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Phytoplan is a spray-dried blend of several strains of phytoplankton. The intact cells aren`t living, but when rehydrated, they are a microencapsulated source of color-enhancing beta-carotene and astaxanthin pigments, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. A concentrated food, much more economical to use than live phytoplankton. High in DHA. Ideal for filter feeding invertebrates like soft and stony corals, anemones, feather duster worms, clams, sponges, and turnicates. PhytoPlan simulates food webs in closed aquariuium ecosystems and, with daily addition, promotes the development of zooplankton. Soak dried foods in PhytoPlan to boost nutrition value.

Manufacturer information

Two Little Fishies
Two Little Fishies, Inc. was founded in 1991 to promote the reef aquarium hobby with its introductory video and books about reef aquariums. The company now publishes and distributes the most popular reef aquarium reference books and identification guides in English, German French and Italian, under the d.b.a. Ricordea Publishing.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
May 01, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Had good luck using

Pros: Easily dissolves

Everyone seems to be thriving with this added to the mix

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deborah tyler

Reviewed on
April 06, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Two Little Fishies Photoplankt

I would buy this product again. Thanks

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david germino

Reviewed on
September 24, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.

fish frenzy

Another great product from Two Little Fishes. My livestock come out in droves and fish go into a feeding frenzy. It is just fun to watch the generated activity that this product brings. Corals seem to be more colorful and vibrant when using this product as well.

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Reviewed on
July 26, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.


The first day I used this product, I seen a big difference in the live rock in my tank. The live things growing from the rock all stood straight out as if they got the burst of energy they needed. My mushrooms looked healthier then ever. The corals all seem to love this product. The only down fall I see is that it STINKS!

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terry matthiensen

Reviewed on
June 02, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.

Easy to use

This is an excellent product,The corals & filter feeders love it. Very easy to use. The directions say to use everyday,but I found that doing this, you can overfeed causing reduced water quality. I have found that twice a week in the evening is about right.

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sonja crabtree

Reviewed on
September 08, 2007

Yes, I would recommend this.

Excellent product

After using Two Little Fishies Phytoplan Advanced Plankton Diet, my new corals that would not open up, finely did. They are more lively and beautiful then before. The product was quick and easy to use and I will be keeping this food handy at all times for my filter feeding critters. Great product!

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