Ozone Generators for Aquariums

What is ORP? Without getting complicated, in lay terms ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) is a measure of water cleanliness & a tank’s ability to break down waste. An ORP monitor measures that cleanliness. Water changes and activated carbon raise ORP. An ozonizer for saltwater aquarium use will boosts ORP to reduce waste and create crystal clear water.

Want to know how to set up ozone in aquarium? You need an ozonizer to generate ozone (O3), a highly reactive gas. An air dryer and air pump feed dry air to the ozonizer. Then, O3 travels through ozone safe tubing to an aquarium ozone reactor, like an ozone protein skimmer. The O3 breaks down waste and improves protein skimmer performance. Some carbon on the skimmer outlet catches any remaining O3 to keep the tank safe. An ORP controller, like the American Marine Pinpoint ORP controller, measures tank ORP and controls the ozonizer.
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