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A UV sterilizer for fish tank use clarifies and sterilizes aquarium water. At a high flow rate, UV light sterilization will eradicate free floating algae, creating crystal clear aquarium water. Note, however, that a UV water sterilizer does not get rid of green algae on tank glass or rock. At slower flow rates, an ultraviolet sterilizer will also kill many common aquarium parasites, like ick on fish (cryptocaryon sp.).

You can purchase an inline UV sterilizer or an internal submersible sterilizer. One of the best aquarium sterilizer choices is the hobbyist favorite Aqua UV sterilizer. An inline sterilizer is usually plumbed into the return pump line or connected to a dedicated feed pump. Some hobbyists turn sterilization off at night to promote copepod growth. Get a sterilizer today to say goodbye to green aquarium water and aquarium parasites.


Aqua UV Mounting Bracket

Aqua Ultraviolet

Aqua UV Mounting Bracket


JBJ NanoZapp 3 Watt Inline UV Sterilizer
Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer (57 Watt, 2 Inch)
Lifegard Aquatics replacement UV Ballast. R175267
Aqua UV Rubber Seal - UV Sterilizer
Lifegard Aquatics O-ring For QL and AF Caps
Fluval UVC Clarifier (In-Line)
Lifegard Aquatics Gaskets For QL 175022

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