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V2O Aquarium Foods Nano V Soft-Freeze Zooplankton - 4oz

V2O Aquarium Foods Nano V Soft-Freeze Zooplankton - 4oz


Item #: HL23021

In Stock: Frozen foods are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays

Nano V SOFT-FREEZE (NSF) is a range of frozen foods that are kept in the freezer but they never freeze hard. This means you take the food from the freezer and it is READY TO USE! SUPER CONVENIENCE in a concentrated, high quality food.

NSF foods are excellent for the small NANO aquariums because you feed a small amount food - only as much as necessary. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with a cube of food in cases where even a single cube is still too much.

Because NSF foods are kept in the freezer, they will never spoil. V2O does not have to add preservatives or acids to keep the product FRESH.

The value is there because the water is not. V2O does not add water to NSF because the water will freeze. NSF foods are more concentrated than competitors’ watery products; which are kept in the REFRIGERATOR at pH 4 for preservation.

Krill Pacifica aka “Plankton” in the aquarium trade, is a smaller variety of Krill that is harvested from the Pacific Northwest of Canada and Alaska. It is an excellent size and a fine, tasty morsel for nearly all varieties of tropical fish to consume. And it is FRESH, un-cooked, and loaded with vitamins, pigments, and marine protein! (10-15mm)

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Manufacturer information

V2O Aquarium Foods
V2O Aquarium Foods was recently started by Christopher Turk, who has spent his entire life observing and studying coral reef fish and their feeding habits. Formerly the founder and owner of OCEAN NUTRITION, he has set his goal with this new venture to develop a range of nutritional products that raises the standard for the fish-keeping hobby.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
January 21, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

if you saw my other review "DITTO"

Pros: good food

Cons: none

DITTO to the other review

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