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Marine Depot Videos

Most world-changing inventions and breakthroughs came from trial and error. Eventually the right way to do something was discovered. The good news is you don’t have to struggle to learn how to care for your reef aquarium.

At Marine Depot we’re reef enthusiasts just like you. Our team is constantly learning about all aspects of reef-keeping. Sure, we offer the world’s best aquarium gear, ranging from lighting to skimmers, pumps to powerheads and even complete aquarium systems. But we’re not just in it for the buck. We genuinely have a passion for aquariums. We’re constantly learning and compiling information on advances in reef-keeping. But we don’t want to keep it for ourselves! That’s why we create our informational Marine Depot videos. We know our customers want to hear about new products. Everyone does. But we want to do more than just pitch new gear. At Marine Depot, we take a hard look at the products we offer. It’s important to honestly evaluate something we’re recommending to our customers. If we wouldn’t use it, why would we sell it to you? But there’s more to it than that.

At Marine Depot we listen to what you’re saying. If you’ve got a question, we try to answer it. If you’re having trouble with your reef tank or a piece of equipment, we’ll work to solve it. To be transparent, we track your biggest concerns and frequent questions. That’s because if you’re asking about a topic, 100 other people are wondering the same thing. We also realize there are many reef websites containing thousands of answers and opinions. It can get confusing when you just want the facts or an explanation of a reef-keeping concept. That’s why we’re creating informational videos aimed at providing clear information you can use.

Want to know how to reduce nitrate levels and why? We’ve got that covered. How about controlling algae? Want to learn about phosphate and reef tanks? What’s a refugium and why do I need one? Lots of people have the same questions. Our team sifts through the noise and comes up with time-tested ways to successfully keep your reef tank looking great. We also gather up the latest information on keeping corals from the scientific community and pioneering reef aquarists from around the world. We take that data and break it down into useful information that reef aquarists at any skill level can understand and apply to their own tanks.

Your enjoyment of the hobby is tied directly to successfully keeping a healthy, thriving reef. You’ve probably been asked if having a “saltwater aquarium” is hard. We aquarists often say the tank is “easy to maintain” or it “takes care of itself”. But the truth is it takes skill and knowledge to be able to keep an aquarium full of corals and fish alive. Reef tanks don’t really take care of themselves. It requires a skilled aquarist to make the magic happen. That’s why we share reef-keeping knowledge through our videos. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to care for your tank. If you’ve got a question or topic you want covered, let us know. We’re listening!