AlgaGen Coral Smoothie Product Demo

Erik from AlgaGen recently stopped by to talk with us about Coral Smoothie, a non-live food specifically designed for marine and reef aquarium systems. AlgaGen, founded in 2002, has a ton of experience creating foods for marine life, including Whale Sharks at the Georgia Aquarium, Sea Dragons, Seahorses, Mandarins, Dragonettes and a whole slew of other organisms.

Coral Smoothie is a first of its kind product and is AlgaGen's version of a non-live food. It is great for hobbyists that don't like the chore of blending foods together but still want to provide their wet pets with a wide variety of nutritious and natural foods. It comes in a cool bottle you can stick right into your tank to spot feed fish, coral and invertebrate. Just cut off the applicator tip, shake the bottle, point toward your favorite coral and give it a squeeze. Coral Smoothie has a 6-month shelf life and will not need to be refrigerated until after you open it. It will last for months after you open it as long as you keep it inside your refrigerator.

Coral Smoothie contains Artemia naupliim, copepods, copepod eggs, rotifers, clam larvae, oyster larvae, oyster eggs and tissue, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, fish eggs, decapsulated artemia cysts, mussel, squid and 9 species of microalgae. Particle sizes range from 2 to 5,000 microns.

This unique product is proven to stimulate marine tanks and draw responses from coral, fish and invertebrates, like snails and shrimp. It is is formulated with everything from vegetable protein to whole zooplankton and will provide a variety of food items that can found on tropical coral reefs.

To learn more about AlgaGen Coral Smoothie or purchase a bottle to feed your aquarium inhabitants, please visit our website: