American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor Review by Tana - Marine Depot Product Test Team

American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor:

The American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor is an affordable digital device that monitors aquarium pH full-time with a .01 resolution. It is important to monitor pH in a reef aquarium because large swings in pH can be detrimental to corals and fish alike. Knowing the pH level gives you a good indication of whether your calcium and alkalinity levels are being properly maintained and ensure you have sufficient gas exchange, keeping a proper balance of CO2 and oxygen levels in your tank. The Pinpoint pH Monitor is powered by a single 9-volt battery and measures your aquarium's pH using the included probe. The probe is attached to a 10-foot high-supression cable with a BNC connector. American Marine has a long history in aquaculture and backs the device with a 2-year warranty although with proper care, it should last a lifetime.

Tana is a nursing student from Minnesota and an avid reef aquarist of 7 years. She has always loved the natural beauty and wonders of the ocean. Her apartment resembles a small marine museum with reef tanks ranging from 0.5 to 45 gallons consisting of macro algae, SPS, NPS, and a temperate reef.

In early 2014, we invited aquarium hobbyists from across the United States to join us for 6-month assignment as an aquarium product tester. The five finalists whose sample videos received the most social votes were invited to join our inaugural product test team.

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American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor: