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ATI Labs - Aquarium Test Kit for Complete Water Analysis

ATI Lab is an aquarium water testing service that measures 43 different water parameters using an ARCOS II ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometry) machine along with two other test techniques to provide you with a complete and comprehensive water analysis. The kit contains 3 test tubes to sample both your RO water and aquarium water for a complete analysis at an incredible price.

Results are available online and future tests are recorded in your profile so you can chart your tank’s history.

43 Parameters Tested!
The ARCOS II ICP-OES machine can detect trace element concentrations in your aquarium water down to 1 µg/l (0.001mg/l). Measurements are affected by salinity so that readings are accurate and results can be counted on with complete certainty.

ATI Lab water testing service is designed to be used in conjunction with ATI Essentials and ATI Elements supplements.

Once you are armed with truly accurate water quality measurements from ATI Lab, you can use ATI Essentials for the day-to-day replenishment of major and minor elements and ATI Elements to fill in the occasional gap.

Performing partial water changes to correct water chemistry or compensate for trace elements will became a thing of the past. You will ultimately save time, money, and grow more robust and colorful corals!

To keep your reef tank parameters stable and at ideal levels, use the ATI DP-6 Dosing Pump to automatically dispense your favorite ATI brand supplements.