BioCube Hacks: 6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Nano

In today's video, we'll show you some of our favorite all-in-one aquarium mods and upgrades that will make your life easier and ramp up the performance of your tank.

All-in-one aquariums like the Coralife BioCube are very popular because they are affordable and easy to set up. These tanks can support fish and coral without the need for much additional equipment, which makes them very appealing to first-time reef tank owners.

AIO style aquariums are so popular now that many ingenious members of the aquarium community have come up with a variety of creative ways to modify the tanks to make them even better and more functional.

The tank documented in this video is the Coralife BioCube 29 Gallon Aquarium. But many, if not all, of these modifications and upgrades can be applied to a wide variety of all-in-one nano tanks.

If you you would like to upgrade your nano but have some questions, our aquarium experts are happy to help you out! Just leave us a comment or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-566-FISH.


BioCube Hacks: 6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Nano:


- Coralife BioCube 29 Gallon Aquarium:

LED Lights
- Kessil A160WE:
- Maxspect Nano Razor:
- EcoTech Marine XR15w Pro:
- Aqua Illumination Prime:
- Current USA TrueLumen Pro:

Protein Skimmers
- AquaMaxx HOB-1:
- AquaC Nano Remora:
- CPR SR3:

Media Reactors
- Two Little Fishies Phosban 150:
- Innovative Marine MiniMax:

LED Refugium Lights
- JBJ Nano-Glo:
- Innovative Marine MagnaFuge:

Auto Top-Off System
- Marine Depot ATO System:

Controllable Powerheads
- EcoTech Marine MP10:
- Maxspect Gyre XF130:
- Aqua Medic EcoDrift 4.0: