Chemi-Pure Blue Filter Media: What YOU Need to Know Chemi-Pure has long been the go-to product for hobbyists wanting to improve water quality. The Chemi-Pure Blue is the company’s top-of-the-line filtration media that out-performs just about anything else in the market.

By combining high quality carbon with specialized ion-exchange resins, Chemi-Pure Blue helps to significantly reduce organics compounds and phosphates while stabilizing pH and giving you crystal-clear water.

When used regularly, Chemi-Pure Blue helps to improve your water quality and provide a better environment for your fish and corals.

Each bottle of Chemi-Pure Blue comes with a convenient nylon bag, so you can easily place the filter media in your sump, canister filter or your hang-on-the-back power filter.

It is one of the best and most popular filter media available, and a quick and easy way to improve your water.


Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue All-In-One Filter Media


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