NanoBox Reef Mini Tide Plus M LED Light - What YOU Need to Know One of the challenges of setting up a Pico or nano tank is finding the right sized LED light with enough PAR to support a reef, especially with corals.

For the longest time, it seemed like all the innovations were being incorporated into the full-sized reef lighting fixtures. The good news is a US-based company called Nano Box is completely dedicated to manufacturing powerful LED light fixtures specifically for small reef aquariums.

The Mini Tide Plus M is hand-made in the US with meticulous attention to detail and manufacturing perfection. The fixture measures only 5” by 3” and is only ¾” thick.

But this is not one of those disappointing, under-performing, budget LED lights. Packed inside the sleek, modern fixture is an array of 14 top-quality Luxeon, Rebel and SEMILED LEDs. The light’s completely customizable color spectrum is designed for reef tanks and supports SPS coral growth.

Check out the MINT LEDs. These give the tank that metal halide illumination everyone is talking about. Also, instead of dedicated red LEDS, the Mini Tide uses warm white LEDS for better color blending. The fixture has 5 dimmable channels and a dedicated moonlight channel.

Controlling the light is easy with the Bluefish wireless app that works with iOS and Android devices.

We really like that everything is pre-wired and ready to run. The main cable runs through the gooseneck for a clean look.
The fixture can also be hung with a wire kit.

The super-thin fixture and near silent fan keeps all the attention focused on the aquarium, not the light.

The Nano Box Mini Tide Plus M fixture combines hand-made craftsmanship and a unique LED array in a sleek, modern fixture that is sure to please anyone looking to set-up or upgrade a small reef aquarium.