New Life Spectrum Ick Shield Pellet Fish Food

New Life Spectrum Ick Shield Pellet Food

Combats aquarium ectoparasites and is safe for both marine and freshwater fish.


-Can help disrupt the damaging feeding stage of ick-causing parasite lifecycle
-Attacks a variety of ectoparasites
-Fish and biological filter safe
-Highly palatable taste encourages fish to eat
-High-concentration nutrition that supports fish health


-Feed fish twice daily
-Feed for minimum 21 days for marine aquariums
-Feed for minimum 10 days for freshwater aquariums
-Do not broadcast feed in pellets in an aquarium containing corals or anemones
-Do not feed to anemones or corals, for use with aquarium ornamental pet fish only
-The use of activated carbon is recommended to absorb residual medication and avoid harming corals and anemones