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NYOS® Reef Cement & Aquascaping in Reef Tanks

Nyos® REEF CEMENT is a rapid adhesive with a firm grip and is low in harmful substances, which can be used to attach corals, overhangs, columns and complete stone structures easily and durably. REEF CEMENT is a powdery substance, which is simply stirred in cold water and cures completely within 2 minutes.

Can be used above and below water
Not harmful to corals or fish
Attachment of corals, columns, reef structures, etc.
Corals can be attached on the reef structure either as over-hanging or free-standing corals.
Is soon overgrown with coralline red algae

Stir approx. three parts Nyos® REEF CEMENT with one part water in a flexible container to make a homogeneous mixture with a dough-like consistency. The binding time is around 2 minutes, so please do this quickly and mix sparingly. The binding time can be extended by adding citric acid.

After use, close the container and protect against moisture. Keep away from children. Do not swallow or inhale. Avoid raising dust, as well as contact with skin or eyes. Please work with gloves.
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