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R2 Target Fish Feeder: What YOU Need to Know

R2 Target Fish Feeder

R2 Target Fish Feeder

Target feeding is the principal of getting just enough of the right foods to a specific type of marine life. Target feeding of corals has been a game changer in terms of providing nutrition to the polyps and preventing excess food from fouling the reef tank.

We’re excited about the new R2 Target Fish Feeder. You may wonder what’s so exciting about a fish feeder. Take a close look and you’ll understand what’s so cool… about this fish feeding tool.

• Pressing the button pushes the chamber out of the barrel. Load the chamber with frozen, flake or pelleted foods…anything your fish will eat.
• Releasing the button retracts the chamber into the feeding tube.
• Position the tip of the tube at the mouth of a cave or shelf, anywhere your fish feel safe.
• Press the button to open the chamber and release the food.

We really like that how much control we have over the food.

• You can open the chamber partway so only a little food is exposed or all the way depending on the fish behavior.
• The retractable chamber prevents water currents from washing away dry flakes, crumbles and pellets as the wand is lowered into position.
• Even frozen brine shrimp and other meaty foods can be target fed.

The other benefit of the R2 is that it hides the food from more aggressive feeders so they don’t attack the food as soon as you place the feeder in the water….or scare away shy fish.

The R2 is pre-assembled 16” target feeder and comes with an extension for a total length of 23 inches.

If you’ve got bottom feeders, shy eaters or hard to reach hide-outs, the R2 Target Fish Feeder will make feeding much easier and prevent uneaten fish foods from fouling the water.

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