Reef-A-Palooza Anaheim 2019: Marine Depot wRAP-UP
Every year, Reefapalooza happens across the United States and celebrates every aspect of the reefkeeping hobby. This past weekend RAP OC happened in Anaheim and we had a blast! As usual, a variety of companies were there spanning from lighting to food and always, many many coral breeders.
We gave out over three hundred shirts for free as a thank you to those who showed up the earliest and we had a prizewheel for everyone to participate in. In the end, we ended up giving out over $18,000 in prizes to over 1,500 attendees. Thank you to all of the vendors that helped out with the prizes and thank you to Red Sea for sponsoring our Raffle. The biggest thank you goes out to all hobbyists who came out to celebrate the hobby with us! Thanks again for making our beloved hobby what it is today!

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