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Waveline WavePuck Flow Pump: What YOU Need to Know

Waveline WavePuck Flow Pump

Waveline WavePuck Flow Pump

Digital Aquatics RKM-APC/DCI Package

Digital Aquatics RKM-APC/DCI Package The new Waveline Wavepuck is an affordable yet advanced powerhead that will create a broad flow of water inside your aquarium. The pump is fully adjustable pushing up to 3000 gallons per hour while only consuming around 25 watts.

Our favorite aspect of the pump is the unique magnetic mount that lets you get the flow to where you need it most. The backside of the pump has a convex rounded shape which fits neatly into a concave mounting magnet. You can then direct the flow with a full 25-degree range of motion.

The multi-function electronic controller has a simple to use interface, so you can quickly take advantage of the three different modes the Wavepuck has to offer.

Mode #1 is the operational mode which allows you to set the maximum speed of the pump as well as set a pulse frequency. When set to pulse, the pump will turn on at the set maximum speed and turn off at whatever frequency you set which results in a natural surge-like water movement in your aquarium.

Mode 2 allows the wave puck to be connected to external aquarium controller such as the Neptune Systems Apex which then gives you complete control over the pump from the convenience of your aquarium controller.

Mode 3 is a feed mode; this feed mode can be easily activated via a designated feed button right on the controller. When feed mode is activated the pump will shut down for 30 minutes and automatically resume normal operation after this time. You can cancel the feed mode at any time by simply pressing the Feed Mode button a second time.

We really like the overall versatility of the wave puck, with its easy to use controller and its compact foot print the installations opinions are endless. Matched with a very affordable price, we think the Waveline Wavepuck is a great addition to any reef tank.

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