What's the best way to test Phosphates? Putting test kits to the test!

Matthew is back and testing more test kits! This week is all about his favorite kits for testing Phosphate levels in marine aquariums!

Shop All Test Kits: https://www.marinedepot.com/water-testing/test-kits
Shop Hanna Phosphate Colorimeter: http://bit.ly/HannaPhosChecker
Shop Salifert Phosphate Test Kit: http://bit.ly/SalifertPhosTest
Shop API Phosphate Test Kit: http://bit.ly/APIPhosphate
Shop NYOS Phosphate Test Kit: http://bit.ly/NYOSPhosphateTest
Shop Seachem Phosphate Test Kit: http://bit.ly/SeachemPhosTest
Shop Red Sea Phosphate Test Kit: http://bit.ly/RedSeaPhotTest

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