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Vortech Pump Flow Calculator

Step 1

Calculate needed flow for by entering your aquarium dimensions. Then hit the calculate button.

Step 2

Add pumps to achieve the appropriate flow for your aquarium and inhabitants.

3 gal/hr
2 gal/hr
1 gal/hr
LPS Recommended Flow
SPS Recommended Flow
Maximum Possible Flow ( gal/hr)

Optimal Zone

Match recommended flow in this range for best results.

Minimum Possible Flow ( gal/hr)


Recommended Pumps

VorTech MP10

Ecotech Vortech MP10

approx. 1,500 GPH
Thickness Range:

VorTech MP40

Ecotech Vortech MP40

approx. 4,500 GPH
Thickness Range:
3/16" - 3/4"

VorTech MP60

Ecotech Vortech MP60

approx. 7,500 GPH
Thickness Range:
3/8" - 1"

Total Pumps: