Wet/Dry Filters, Canister Filters & Trickle Filters, Aquarium Overflow Boxes

CPR Wet/Dry Filters
CPR filters are designed for long term reliability and ease of maintenance. These filters incorporate superior design features.
CPR Overflow Boxes
If you do not have a pre-drilled aquarium to drain water from your main tank to your sump or wet/dry filter, an external overflow box will be needed to accomplish this task.
Precision Marine Wet/Dry Trickle Filters
These top-quality reservoir/bio filters are made from the best 3/8" domestic cell cast material money can buy. Two different sizes available.

Filters are used to process waste and impurities to maintain pristine water quality and keep your tank inhabitants healthy. There are numerous filter types, each a little different and used in different applications. A quick lesson in aquarium filters will teach you the basics and help you make a more educated purchase.

Wet/dry filters mix air with water, as the water trickles over an exposed filter media. Biological filtration and gas exchange occur as the water flows over the media surface. The rapid oxidation of ammonia and nitrite makes these filters extremely efficient; they are an outstanding choice for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Canister filters are an excellent choice for a quick and easy installation. Canister filters can provide you a way to introduce, chemical, biological and mechanical filtration to your aquarium.

Overflow boxes are used to bring water to trickle filters for aquariums that are not pre drilled. When used with an Aqua Lifter Dosing pump, they can perform extremely well for any tank.