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XP Aqua Flexi Surface Skimmer & Media Reactor with Magnet Mount


Item #: 0X1863

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XP Aqua Flexi Surface Skimmer & Media Reactor with Magnet Mount

Why Choose Flexi Surface Skimmer & Media Reactor?

The Flexi is super versatile and great for aquariums up to 50 gallons. With an efficient DC pump, the Flexi can operate in both down flow and up flow modes. In down flow mode, it is an effective surface skimmer that helps to rid your aquarium of the oily surface scum. In up flow mode, the Flexi maximizes the efficiency any filter media by actively pushing water up through the media.

With a convenient magnet mount, the Flexi can be installed in seconds. It can also be easily disassembled in just seconds for maintenance and media changes. **For surface skimmer installation, we strongly recommend installing an ATO or topping off your aquarium daily. 


  • Versatile Up-Flow or Down-Flow
  • Installation Options
  • Efficient DC Pump
  • Great for just about any filter media: carbon, GFO, sponges, ceramic rings, etc…
  • Convenient Magnetic Mount
  • Easily Disassembles in Seconds
  • Sleek, Unobtrusive Design
  • Note: for surface skimmer installation, we strongly recommend installing an ATO or topping off your aquarium daily.

Technical Details:

  • Model: FSS-100
  • Power Adaptor:
    • Power Input: 100-240VAC 50-60HZ
    • Cable Length : 6 ft (180 cm)
  • Flexi Reversible DC Pump:
    • Head: 6.5 ft (200 cm)
    • Flow rate: 74 gph (280 lph)
    • Power : 4.8 W @ 12 VDC
    • Cable Length : 6 ft (180 cm)
  • Flexi Overflow Box : 3.94” x 2.17” x 6.30” (100 mm x 55 mm x 160 mm)
  • Max Volume of Media Chamber : 3.74” x 1.99” x 1.97” (95 mm x 50.5 mm x 50 mm)
  • 1-der Stick Ultra Media : 3.54” x 1.5” x 1.89” (90 mm x 38 mm x 48 mm)
  • Max Mounting Thickness: 1/2" (12.7 mm)

Manufacturer information

Ever since the ATO systems were invented by Tunze in 1985, they have been helping saltwater reef aquarium hobbyists maintain stable salinity levels and offering a ton of convenience. ATO is short for ‘aquarium top off’ system. It is also called an ATK ‘aquarium top-off kit’, or osmolator / osmo regulator in Europe. Here at XP Aqua, we have combined all the best ATO technologies and added several proprietary features to create the safest and most dependable ATO money can buy! Our micro sized ATO sensor features two precise optical sensors to offer you more protection. Additionally, each XP Aqua ATO system includes our intelligent QST programming to prevent overflows. If you are looking for the best ATO system, check out our awesome line of ATOs!

3 Stars


Reviewed on
March 25, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

It is just okay

Pros: Holds media, good pump

Cons: Kinda flimsy very precise location in the water column.

Plastic feels okay but i was a fraid i was gong to break it when first handling it. I holds a good sizzed bag of media and the pump is okay. If it is too low in the tank its is not very efficient at surface skimming, but if it is too high the pump starts to run dry kicking up a boat load of bubbles. I ended up pulling it from tank after a few weeks

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Reviewed on
January 17, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Started okay, but then....

Pros: It can fit behind rock work so you do not see it, strong pump, surface skims okay

Cons: Cheap Plastic, precise water line levels, can cause some awful micro bubbles

Look everything was great at first, this product came in a wonderful box and was well packed by the manufacturer. The plastic feels kinda cheap and I really thought I was going to break it trying to get it open. The pump is fine as long as you keep the water line 3/4 of the way up the baffles other wise WOOSH! micro bubbles everywhere. And it kinda did its job at surface skimming, but you may be better off just pointing a power head at the surface to kick everything into your skimmer.

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Reviewed on
October 03, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Super Handy and Easy to Use

I wanted to add an extra filter to my 22 gallon tank. The Flexi worked great for me. It was super easy to put together and the magnet mount was very convenient. I was able to add a small bag of carbon as well as a small piece of polyfilter on top. The filter looks great inside the tank and changing out the carbon and polyfilter can't be any easier. It definitely helps to keep my tank cleaner!

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Reviewed on
August 05, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.


Pros: None really

Cons: see review

As a surface skimmer it requires multiple daily adjustments to get at the right level (I have a separate ATO.)

As a media reactor it is very messy, flow seems extremely slow. It'll hold a bag of purigen comfortably but that is it.

Included media is garbage.

Whenever I handle it I am afraid I'm going to break it. It's a cool idea but it didn't really execute well.

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